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Fluence vs Mammoth

Mammoth vs Fluence? The most asked about question.  We now have an answer. 

Pictured we have a room using 2 Mammoth 8 bars and 3 SPYDRx PLUS. First, notice the beautiful canopy and potential under LED’s?  Very impressive. 

Now the results.......according to the grower on Instagram @jdsterpfarm  (screenshot attached) .......  It was a wash. There was no noticeable difference in growth, quality or yield. Wish we had better news??  Actually, we would expect those results. Both lights use 8 bars with high quality diodes. Fluence makes a GREAT light. 

HOWEVER... one has a MSRP $969 vs $1,500. One has a standard built in dimmer knob vs paying $120 for the dimmer upgrade. One has an individual power driver per light bar for power efficiency and redundancy....If one should ever fail, the other 7 bars keep working. One has a 5 year warranty vs 3 year.