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Grow Op Farms Oklahoma

We have written extensively how higher ppfd = higher yields.  We have backed this up with academic work from Dr. Bruce Bugbee. 

However, we continue to walk facilities with a light canopy around 600 ppfd, which is the equivalent of a cloudy day in upstate NY.  Does anyone believe a cloudy day in upstate NY is the ideal light environment to grow cannabis?  Please visit, on this site, "The optimal light intensity."

The below pictures will highlight the potential under Mammoth Lighting.  Grow Op Farms top of canopy hits >1200 ppfd at 3' from canopy.  This is higher then every HPS room we have visited.  They average well over 3lb per light.  If you would like to speak to anyone at this farm, to confirm how Mammoth can increase your yields - send us a message.