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The most important growth factors in Cannabis is light intensity and light spectrum.  Mammoth Lighting leads in both.  Over 4 years of trial, Mammoth Lighting as perfected the optimal "Canna" Spectrum with a proprietary spectrum blend of 3000k + 5000k + 660nm Deep + 730nm Far Red.  The result is a perfect balance of blue and red to maximize growth and yield without incuring too much stretch. 


The new addition of 730nm far red has been proven to speed up flower times and increase yields.   

For example, Dr Bruce Bugbee's (NASA plant scientist) research indicates that far‐red photons (701–750 nm) synergistically interact with shorter wavelength photons to increase leaf photochemical efficiency.

Bugbee explains that adding far‐red photons to a background of shorter wavelength photons increases canopy photosynthesis that in some ways mimics an increase 400–700 nm photons.

Far‐red photons by themselves don’t significantly increase photosynthesis, but when they’re added to a pre-existing 400-700 nm spectrum, the combination synergistically creates acceleration of photosynthetic response and other metabolic and morphological changes favorable to cannabis growers.

Bugbee’s research so far indicates that far red photons, properly combined with other wavelengths, may help cannabis growers reduce bloom phase duration while increasing bloom phase production and profits.