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* 10 Bar 930w - Mint White - Three Channel UV Spectrum Enhancing Led Grow Light - Shipping 30 days from time of order.

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Picture this: an all-in-one lighting solution designed to revolutionize your cultivation experience. Our integrated light features a UV channel that not only combats pests, bacteria, and pathogens but also enhances plant quality, boosting terpene and Oil production. Additionally, a Far-Red channel allows you to shape plant growth, controlling stretch as needed. With our innovative design, light penetrates the canopy deeply, thanks to optimized Green and Far-Red wavelengths. Equipped with three dimmer knobs, a remote driver, and easily replaceable bars, our light ensures longevity and adaptability to future technological advancements.

Drawing on over four years of UV lighting expertise, we've conducted extensive studies, supported by third-party academic research, to validate our product's efficacy. While UV is a powerful tool for pest management and yield enhancement, it's crucial to understand its nuances. UVB, for instance, can impact DNA and yield, making precise dosing essential.

It's worth noting that UV effectiveness depends on direct exposure, particularly for pests residing beneath leaves. However, even indirect exposure can strengthen plants and elevate terpene levels, mitigating potential issues.

Our latest offering represents an evolution of our proven UV technology, now integrated into a sophisticated 10-bar system.

But what about the spectrum? Do you have the optimal balance of blue and green?

Remember: Spectrum ensures quality, while light intensity drives yield. Our spectrum, inspired by nature and scientific insights, prioritizes blue, green, and UV wavelengths. Unlike conventional options dominated by red and blue spikes, our spectrum mirrors nature's proportions, delivering superior results.

The key to plant quality lies in a fuller spectrum, encompassing blue, green, and UV. This principle holds true across various plant studies. While HPS leans heavily on red light and MH on blue, our spectrum leverages our extensive growing experience to incorporate the optimal balance of blue and green. After all, nature's palette comprises 40% green, 40% blue, and only 20% red.

Our goal is to design lighting solutions that enhance plant quality, morphology, and growth, aligning with scientific principles and ecological harmony.

Features Backed by Science:

Far Red Channel: Experimentation is crucial. While ongoing research informs our recommendations for crop steering using Far Red, we prioritize flexibility and empirical evidence.

Full Spectrum Channel: Our Mammoth Mint White Spectrum, enriched with blue and emerald green, has redefined growth standards, promoting robust development and exceptional quality.

UV Integration: Our UV channel isn't just about quality; it's also a potent IPM tool, offering protection against pests and pathogens while enhancing plant resilience.

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Key Advantages:

  • Plant-Centric Spectrum: Our Samsung-powered LEDs optimize photosynthesis and secondary metabolite production, surpassing traditional lighting solutions.
  • Microorganism Inhibition: Our engineered spectrum inhibits microbial growth, ensuring prolonged crop storability.
  • Industry-Leading Efficiency: With superior PPE, our lights minimize energy consumption, translating to significant cost savings.
  • Embracing Green: Green light penetration maximizes photosynthesis efficiency, optimizing yields while conserving energy.

Order Now and Experience the Mammoth Difference:

Unmatched Performance: 10 bars, 3,624 diodes, and 930W power ensure unparalleled PPFD and yield.

Robust Design: Our 10-bar system provides exceptional coverage and reliability.

Comprehensive Spectrum: From Samsung EVO to UV, our spectrum caters to every stage of plant growth and health.

Superior Coverage: Achieve extensive flower and vegetative coverage, up to 6x6 and 7x7 respectively.

User-Friendly Controls: (3) Knob dimming and RJ45 port connectivity offer ease of use and scalability.

Premium Components: Featuring Samsung + High Efficiency diodes and Inventronics drivers, our lights uphold the highest quality standards.

Intelligent Design: Smart spacing and bar configuration guarantee uniform lighting and optimal growth conditions.

Easy Maintenance: Removable bars and drivers facilitate swift servicing and hassle-free warranty claims.

Space Optimization: Remote-mountable drivers enhance flexibility and heat management.

Future-Proof: Replaceable bars and drivers ensure compatibility with future advancements.

Product Specifications:

  • Product: 10-Bar LED Grow Lights
  • Power: 930W +/- 5% Inventronics
  • PPE / PPF:  2.7 = 2511 µmol/s
  • Voltage: AC100-277V 50-60Hz
  • LEDs: 8 Bars: SAMSUNG "Mint White" EVO LM301h + High Efficiency (3000k + 5000K + Emerald Green) and RED (660nm and 730nm)
  • LEDs: 2 Bars: UVA (400nm) + UVB (310nm)
  • 3 Channels: 1: Full Spectrum 700W, 3008 diodes / 2. Far Red 50W, 160 diodes / 3. UV 180W, 456 diodes
  • LED Lifespan: 50,000 Hours and 10,000 hours for UV
  • Dimensions: 55 x 44 x 3 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years for the system and 1 year for UV bars

Elevate Your Cultivation Game with Mammoth Lighting's Samsung EVO Chip. Order Now and Witness Unparalleled Growth and Efficiency!

Please be aware that lighting sold by Mammoth Lighting LLC is intended for the production of products for Urban Farms and cultivation under the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program (Cannabis sativa L.), not for medical or recreational marijuana. Cultivating marijuana remains illegal under Federal law, as it is classified as a Federally controlled substance.

* 10 Bar 930w -...

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