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Par Maps + Optimal Intensity

In pursuit of superior results in your grow environment, Mammoth Lighting provides carefully measured and recommended PPFD targets. These readings are meticulously obtained within a 5' x 5' tent to minimize light reflection, a factor often overlooked in 4' x 4' tents commonly used by other manufacturers. It's important to acknowledge that when employing multiple lights, actual readings may register higher due to light overlap. Conversely, within a 4' x 4' space, the edges are accentuated thanks to reflective walls.

Mammoth's Recommendations:

Vegetative Stage: Aim for PPFD levels between 600 and 900.

Flowering Stage: Target PPFD levels ranging from 1100 to 1800, with a reduction in the last 2 weeks.

For advanced CO2 users and professional growers, considering even higher targets can be advantageous.

These recommendations are grounded in extensive research, drawing insights from third-party academic studies and Mammoth Lighting's own trials. It's paramount to recognize that achieving these targets necessitates meticulous fine-tuning of your environmental conditions. Notably, academic studies have revealed a linear relationship between light intensity and hemp yield, with notable benefits observed up to approximately 1800 PPFD.

At Mammoth Lighting, we are committed to providing you with scientifically backed recommendations to elevate your cultivation experience. Trust in our expertise and integrate these optimized PPFD targets into your grow strategy for the best possible results.


Cannabis Yield, in almost all academic studies, is linear to light intensity up to ~1800 ppfd (and potentially higher).


"If you want to maximize yield you need to push it hard with light"...Dr. Bugbee Utah State 


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