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Par Maps

We have designed and manufactured the most intense LED grow lights by applying the latest advances in high efficiency, solid-state lighting technology.  Up to 2600 PPFD matching the sun's intensity. 

With 4-8 bars and a 120 degree light beam angle...Mammoth lights deliver the greatest edge to edge light uniformity in the market.  

The below measurements can be used for ppfd targets.  All readings were taken in a 5’ x 5’ tent to reduce light reflection that can happen in a 4’x4’ tent (that most manufactures use).  If using multiple lights, true readings will be higher due to light overlap.

Mammoth recommends to target 600 – 900 ppfd in Veg and 1100 – 1800ppfd in flower.  Higher for C02 users.  These numbers are based on 3rd party academic studies and Mammoth Lighting trials.  In order to maximize these results, you also need to dial in your environment. 

Cannabis Yield, in almost all academic studies, is linear to light intensity up to ~1800 ppfd (and potentially higher).


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