Warranty Coverage:

Full 5 Year Warranty. Everything is covered. If >10% of the diodes on a bar go out we will send you a new light bar.  We have an individual Power Driver per light bar so if a light/driver goes out - we will send you a new one. The box opens up and the power drivers snap in and out.   No fan so no worry there. 

Returns / Terms and Conditions:

We do not accept returns due to mold and pest issues.  However, each situation is unique and please contact us with any questions.  If a return is authorized, we typically have a 10% (or more) restocking plus shipping.  No returns after 30 days.  All terms are at full discretion of Mammoth Lighting LLC and subject to change at any time. 

Fixing Power Drivers/Bar (slide on bar model)

In the event a bar goes out – the light has been designed to be fixed relatively easy.

Step 1:

Test the bar – Simply unplug that position and plug into a working position next to it.  If the bar lights up, that bar is good and the inside driver is bad.  You can also test a working bar in the bad spot to confirm.

Step 2: 

Remove power, unscrew 1 end cap, slide off the bottom (the bars can stay on) to expose the power drivers.

Pro tip:

Many times, there is just a loose connection, with the wires, from shipping or moving and the driver can be fixed by hand tightening the wires again – then test. 

Step 3:

Unscrew the bad driver (2 screws) and loosen the hand connected wires.  The screws will have a protective glue on them that can simply be scrapped off before unscrewing.

Step 4:

Connect the new driver and test. 


Pro Tip:

If a whole light is down:  95% of the time it is the first position driver (dimmer side) that is out (knocked out the chain).  5% of the time it is the control panel.   Control panels can fail from excessive IPM spraying, electrical surges, or just bad luck with the board.  Contact Mammoth for a prebuilt control panel for an easy fix.