Warranty Coverage:

Full 5 Year Warranty. Current defective rate is less than 0.5%. Everything is covered. If >10% of the diodes on a bar go out we will send you a new light bar.  We have an individual Power Driver per light bar so if a light/driver goes out - we will send you a new one. The box opens up and the power drivers snap in and out.   No fan so no worry there. 

Returns / Terms and Conditions:

We do not accept returns due to mold and pest issues.  However, each situation is unique and please contact us with any questions.  If a return is authorized, we typically have a 10% (or more) restocking plus shipping.  No returns after 30 days.  All terms are at full discretion of Mammoth Lighting LLC and subject to change at any time. 


Shipping price is individualized per client's location.  You can price using the checkout cart.   An automatic tracking number will be sent.  Signature is required.  

Lead Time:

Current lead time projection is ~1 week.  We are experiencing high volume and ramping manufacturing as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.  We hope you understand.  


AC100-277V 50-60Hz. We often get asked on the plug: We use a standard US appliance 3 prong nema 5-15p plug. If you need something different - let us know and it can be customized/added.

IR and UV lights?

We are currently testing and selling to a select group.  We have separate IR and UV bars that plug in.  Please email us for details.  

Purple Tint:

No - we use all white color diodes.  

How far to hang from the plants:

Depends on the plant/strain and we recommend all customers get an inexpensive PAR meter and dial in the plant.  Typically 6-24" is the recommendation.  We post our par maps so you can compare the par and where the plant is in its life cycle.  We also send all clients our PAR cheat sheet from veg to flower to maximize growth/yield based on recent studies.  

What are your lights made of?

Industrial grade aluminum and we use Samsung LED's. 

How do your fixtures compare to HPS? 

Mammoth Lights can replace a 1000w premium HPS while using 50% less energy, better uniformity and less heat.  Our 8-10 bar lights will have a greater light intensity then most HPS lights.  

How do you keep the price so low:

We currently have a low marketing and employee budget, buy supplies in bulk and "their" margins are your savings.  We have <15% margins.  We are selling wholesale direct to consumers.  

Discount on light:

Because our margins are so small we only offer commercial level discounts of over 10+ lights.  Generally, these are 5% savings or free shipping – depends on the location.  

Set Up / Assembly:

Very little.  The light bars slide on to the power box and tighten with one large hand screw provided.  Less then 5minutes.  Plug and Play.

International Shipping 

Yes, we will begin testing $99 shipping Internationally.  Expect 4-6 weeks on most orders.