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Energy Rebates + Savings.

Many Commerical Customers can save significant money or even full (free) rebates when applying for lights.  Many Mammoth Lighting products are DLC approved to maximize the rebate.  Contact the team at sales@mammothlighting.com to inquire about.  

For audits and forward savings:

If you are an indoor ag company looking to save maximum amounts on energy contact farmprocurement.com. Zero cost for the review. ⁣

An invitation to indoor ag operators from Dave Saunders, CEO⁣

We're here to share insights on what other indoor ag clients are doing with energy strategy and energy efficiency projects that are creating long term sustainable advantage on costs.⁣

As operational efficiency consultants, the work we do with clients on energy has become even more urgent after the washout in the electricity markets this month is creating unprecedented opportunities. ⁣

At the same time, I understand that the economics have changed considerably for indoor agriculture. As we collect more insight from our indoor ag clients, we're learning they are focusing not only on energy cost savings longer term with LED lighting, but very interested to take advantage of revenue generating programs like Demand Response. ⁣

Call Dave Saunders at 267.712.9744 / Email at farmprocurement@pavagroup.com to share your biggest energy challenge right now. ⁣