Delivers Over 2300 µmol/s Through Advanced Optical Design


    Supplying Lights to the World's Largest Commercial Facilities

  • 5 Year Industry Leading Warranty

    Minimum 6mo Age Test + Designed for Quick Field Service

  • Advanced R&D Rooms

    UV Solutions to Reduce PM + Bacteria and Increase Cannabinoids

  • With 660nm Deep + 730nm Far Red

    Faster Flower times, Higher Yields and Increased Terpenes

The New Mammoth Fold - Higher Quality Parts, More Advanced Spectrum and Better Economics

1.  Plug and Play (fold) out of the box. 

2.  469 Samsung LM301B diodes per bar delivers the industry's Highest PPFD and Yield.

3.  Choose between the 4 bar (440w) "Veg", 6 bar (640w), 8 bar (800w)

4.  Full"er" spectrum: With an optimized blend of 3000k+5000k+660nm+730nm, for full cycle growth. 730nm speeds up flower (~5 days) and adds up to 5% more yield

5.  Up to 5x5 flower coverage, 7x7 veg coverage

6.  Standard Knob Dimming + RJ port to connect multiple lights to an external controller.

7.  Higher Quality using both Samsung LM301B diodes and Inventronics drivers

8. Strategically designed bars/spacing delivering more even lighting coverage (and growth) over a 5'x5'

9. Removable bars + Driver for quick field and warranty service

10. Remote mountable driver leaves more room in vertical settings and less heat in tents

11. Future proof with replaceable bars and driver as technology advances.....

12. Full Marketing Deck and Spec Sheet: Click Here

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Transparency, Innovation, Results


Don't be fooled by fancy marketing and false claims. Mammoth Lighting shows real 3rd Party Lab Test (HERE) to verify its Industry leading results.

Innovation and First's

In a world of knockoffs - Intellectual Property and Patents are important. Click HERE for the Fold Patent. Mammoth was the First to Market with an LED over 2000 ppf 5 years before everyone, First true UV LED, First Veg Light, First Side/Sub Canopy Light....


Most customers hit 3-4lb per light. Just compare the stats below or see real customer results on Instagram HERE

Light Intensity (PPF) and YIELD and LINEAR. Mammoth has the HIGHEST PPF (yield) and the lowest $/ppf.

Industry leading Design, Spectrum, Efficacy, Intensity, Uniformity, Quality parts and Savings of $100-$400 per light.  

Maximize Your Energy Rebates

With Mammoth DLC Approved Lights - Many States offer 100% Rebates for Commercial Facilities (YES Free) to Upgrade!

Contact Us Today Before the Rebates Expire!

Cannabis Yield, Potency, and Leaf Photosynthesis Respond Differently to Increasing Light Levels in an Indoor Environment May 2021 by Zhen

"This may be especially evident given that dry inflorescence yield increased linearly with increasing canopy-level PPFD up to 1800 μmol·m-2·s-1, while leaf-level photosynthesis saturated well below 1800 μmol·m-2·s-1.

"The density of the apical inflorescence and harvest index also increased linearly with increasing LI, resulting in higher-quality marketable tissues and less superfluous tissue to dispose of. Even under ambient C02"


The Profitability of Growing Cannabis Under High Intensity Light by James Eaves 2019 Université, Québec, 2020

"Our results provide evidence that cannabis growers could substantially increase profits by using light intensity levels that are much higher than is the convention today.

The positive, apparently linear relationship between intensity and yields continues to at least 1500 µmols/m2· s, which is over twice the level provided by an HPS fixture in a grow configuration, which is currently the industry standard.

It took less time for the LED treatments to reach peak ripeness, and the resulting morphology of plants grown under high-intensity LEDs is more desirable from a profitability perspective."



Watch real customers, in real time, have incredible success under Mammoth Lighting. Most customers hitting 3lb+ a light.

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