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Welcome to the Future

The World’s Greatest 3 Channel Spectrum Enhancing Light with UV + Far Red

$399 BLOWOUT Sale until sold out.

3' x 3' Series using Samsung LM301b didoes

Not Just the World’s Greatest Grow Lights

The Best Par Meters, Air Sanitizers and Touch Screen Controllers too!

Commercial Solutions

Standard RJ Ports for Easy Daisy Chain Group Control


Using Samsung's Mint White EVO Chip + Deep and Far Red to Deliver Over 2500 µmol/s

Spectrum Matters for Quality! Our Mint White Series - Perfect Spectrum Reminiscent to the HPS + MH Days

Mint White Series with Emerald Green Canna Spec offers:

  1. Industry-Leading PPFD and Yield: With 432 diodes per bar, we deliver unmatched performance.
  2. Tailored for Your Needs: Choose between the 6-bar (680W, $699) or 8-bar (880W, $849) options.
  3. Full Spectrum Brilliance: Our proprietary blend includes Samsung EVO, High Efficiency 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, 730nm, and Emerald Green diodes. With a 4800k Kelvin - Matching the Direct Sunlight.
  4. Expansive Coverage: Achieve up to 6x6 flower coverage and 7x7 veg coverage.
  5. Total Control: Standard knob dimming and RJ port for easy integration with external controllers.
  6. Uncompromising Quality: We use Samsung diodes, Inventronics drivers, and top-notch components, setting us apart from the competition.
  7. Even Light Distribution: Smart diode spacing and strategically designed bars ensure uniform light coverage.
  8. Effortless Maintenance: Removable bars and driver for quick field and warranty service.
  9. Efficiency in Small Spaces: Remote-mountable driver saves space in vertical settings and reduces heat in tents.
  10. Future-Ready Design: Replaceable bars and driver keep you ahead as technology evolves.

Why settle for less? Invest in higher quality parts, intense lighting, advanced spectrum, and superior economics.

Manual and Spec Sheet

Unlocking Nature's Brilliance: Our Enhanced Spectrum

Experience the World's Greatest Spectrum, meticulously designed with more red, blue, and green wavelengths to closely mimic the natural sun, allowing your plants to thrive and fully express their potential. Our spectrum pays homage to the checkered pattern days of MH + HPS, combining the rich red spectrum of HPS for robust growth and the green and blue wavelengths of Metal Halide for unparalleled quality.

Academic research has revealed that our spectrum, featuring increased green and far-red wavelengths, penetrates plants more deeply than other colors. Moreover, the abundance of blue wavelengths in our spectrum enhances plant oil production. This game-changing spectrum is exclusively found in Mammoth lights.

Welcome to the Future of Enhanced Growth and Unmatched Quality. Elevate your cultivation to new heights with Mammoth.


Unrivaled Quality, Spectrum, and Affordability: Redefining Value

We take pride in our commitment to industry-leading quality, spectrum, and the lowest cost per photosynthetic photon flux (PPF). By harnessing the power of the renowned Samsung LM301H EVO alongside other super high-efficiency chips and Inventronics power drivers, we've achieved the industry's fullest spectrum, highest light intensity, and uncompromising quality, all while ensuring a lower cost for our valued customers.

Experience the future of lighting where excellence meets affordability. Elevate your expectations with us.

One Page Value Proposition

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Warranty-Optimized Design: Ensuring Reliability and Ease of Service

Our design prioritizes warranties and quick field service. Whether it's addressing manufacturer defects, diode vulcanization, worker errors, or power surges, our lighting system is engineered to endure and facilitate repairs.

Key Features for Swift Service:

  • Independent, Replaceable Bars
  • Remote Power Driver Replacement
  • Prebuilt Dimmer Control Panel
  • Effortless On/Off Wiring with Independent Side Rails
  • IP65 Dust and Water Splash Protection

Our design ensures longevity and simplicity in maintenance, offering you peace of mind alongside a reliable lighting solution.

Customer Testimonials: Forging Long-Lasting Bonds

At Mammoth Lighting, we're dedicated to cultivating lasting connections with our customers. When you invest in one of our lights, you're entering into a partnership that we envision lasting for years. Our commitment to you..."

Clearing Lighting Misconceptions and Smart Buying Tips

  1. Choosing the Right Light: Avoid single-bar lights for indoor use. Greenhouse or high bay lights are designed for "supplemental" lighting, intended to be mounted high above the canopy for even light distribution. Mounting too close can create long "hot spots." Multibar lights offer better uniformity and higher PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) since you can position them closer to the plants. Remember, light intensity and yield go hand in hand – multibar lights deliver more yield!
  2. Understanding Spectrum Tuning: The notion of end-of-day far-red lighting has been debunked by Dr. Bruce Bugbee (explore our blog for more). Consistent use of far-red, blue, and red channels is recommended instead of adjusting one spectrum at the expense of another, potentially reducing overall light intensity and yields. Canopy light intensity and photon distribution matter more than spectrum quality for growth. Request a PAR map, as there's no substantial research supporting spectrum tuning over full spectrum. Be cautious of attempts to upsell based on this concept.
Video Here

Hemp Yield, Potency, and Leaf Photosynthesis Respond Differently to Increasing Light Levels in an Indoor Environment May 2021 by Zhen

"This may be especially evident given that dry inflorescence yield increased linearly with increasing canopy-level PPFD up to 1800 μmol·m-2·s-1, while leaf-level photosynthesis saturated well below 1800 μmol·m-2·s-1.

"The density of the apical inflorescence and harvest index also increased linearly with increasing LI, resulting in higher-quality marketable tissues and less superfluous tissue to dispose of. Even under ambient C02"

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The Profitability of Growing Hemp Under High Intensity Light by James Eaves 2019 Université, Québec, 2020

"Our results provide evidence that hemp growers could substantially increase profits by using light intensity levels that are much higher than is the convention today.

The positive, apparently linear relationship between intensity and yields continues to at least 1500 µmols/m2· s, which is over twice the level provided by an HPS fixture in a grow configuration, which is currently the industry standard.

It took less time for the LED treatments to reach peak ripeness, and the resulting morphology of plants grown under high-intensity LEDs is more desirable from a profitability perspective."

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