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Is Green the most Photosynthetic light for Cannabis growers?

June 07 2023 – Danielle Daly

Is Green the most Photosynthetic light for Cannabis growers?
Is Green the most Photosynthetic light for Cannabis growers?

This is a ongoing Blog Post originally created from Instagram.  We will add more shortly

Let’s continue to talk spectrum misconceptions…. And why we added more green (along with more blue and red) to the spectrum when many believe the plant just reflects this green color….. ⁣⁣
The new Mammoth 🦣 Spectrum is our attempt to replicate the “bro science” days of MH + HPS rooms and match the academic research that supports the “bro” observation of larger yielding rooms with more frost/quality.
The broader we can get the spectrum, similar to nature… the more the plant can fully express itself. We have all the research to support this. ⁣⁣
We have written many times that we are not fans of spectrum tuning… because most formulas having unintended consequences and in our opinion the wrong “formulas”. For example: more red vs blue during the flower stage. This has the unintended consequence of potentially reducing cannabinoid production with little to no gain in yield. ⁣⁣ As well as the reduced ppfd (think yield) when you “tune”. If plant morphology (shape) is your goal - then spectrum tuning could make sense. Or if you just like to experiment…that’s cool 😎
On to Green: Many believe the plant reflects this color. The facts are - green is photosynthetic although less so than other colors at low ppfd levels but potentially MORE so at higher ppfd levels due to its deeper leaf penetration properties. See the graphs - typically at 500ppfd green beats blue and 800ppfd green beats red. With cannabis requiring high ppfd - wouldn’t it make sense to include a good portion of green in the spectrum like nature? 🤔 ⁣

Attached is the research. Now you know!!! 💪 Enjoy the reading 📖. ⁣

We will do a follow up with more screenshots. Have a great week Mammoth Fam. ⁣



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  • Jason : September 16, 2023
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    How does the mammoth grow light compare to the Slim 750S 3 spectrum adjustable White, 351 Red and Royal blue

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