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Is Green the most Photosynthetic light for Cannabis growers?

June 07 2023 – Danielle Daly

Is Green the most Photosynthetic light for Cannabis growers?
Is Green the most Photosynthetic light for Cannabis growers?

Let's dive deeper into the spectrum misconceptions surrounding our recent addition of more green, alongside blue and red, to our Mammoth 🦣 Spectrum. Many people believe that plants simply reflect green light, but the reality is more intricate. ⁣⁣

The new Mammoth 🦣 Spectrum is our attempt to bridge the gap between the "bro science" era of MH + HPS rooms and the academic research that validates the larger yields and superior quality observed during those days. ⁣⁣

The green spectrum of light, often overlooked in favor of red and blue spectrums, plays a significant role in plant growth and development. Here are some key benefits of the green spectrum in horticulture:

Penetration Depth: Green light can penetrate deeper into the plant canopy than blue or red light, reaching lower leaves and promoting more even growth throughout the plant.

Photosynthesis Support: While less efficient than blue or red light for photosynthesis at LOW light levels, green light has been shown to be the MOST photosynthetic at higher light levels (above 500 ppfd) – see the graphs.

Plant Morphology: Green light influences plant morphology and development by regulating stem elongation and leaf expansion. 

Adaptation to High Light Intensities: Green light has been shown to help plants adapt to high light intensities by regulating plant architecture and increasing biomass accumulation. It also promotes flowering in several plant species and stimulates the production of secondary metabolites, which contribute to plant defense mechanisms. 

Quality Improvement: Plants grown under a full spectrum that includes green light tend to have thicker leaves and higher net photosynthesis, which can positively affect yield, particularly on fruiting crops with a long lifecycle and a multilayer canopy structure, such as tomatoes. 

Our goal is to provide a broader spectrum, akin to nature itself, allowing the plant to fully express its potential. Extensive research supports this approach.


Attached is the research for your reference. Knowledge is power! 💪 Enjoy the reading 📖. ⁣

Stay tuned for our follow-up post with more in-depth insights. Have an excellent week, Mammoth Fam! ⁣⁣



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  • Jason : September 16, 2023
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    How does the mammoth grow light compare to the Slim 750S 3 spectrum adjustable White, 351 Red and Royal blue

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