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With or Without Extendable Wand | Just Par Meter (No Wand)

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Introducing our cutting-edge Par Meter and Spectrometer, a technological marvel crafted for precision and performance. Engineered with a high-speed CPU processor and a high-precision electronic CCD optical sensor, this device operates on the principle of long focal cross asymmetric CT spectroscopy system, delivering unparalleled accuracy and stability.

Enjoy the savings vs others at $500+ for just Par readings! 

If you like to download data to a computer:  Software Program Here to download data   This software is in Beta testing and functions are limited but will be added in the future.  

Key Features:

1. Advanced Optical Technology:

  • Optical resolution of 2nm for precise measurements.
  • Wider wavelength range ensures comprehensive analysis.
  • Stable performance under various conditions.

2. Electronic Shutter Technology:

  • Minimum integration time as low as 50us, allowing measurement of strong and weak optical signals.
  • Adjustable integration time for versatility in signal detection.

3. Sleek and Portable Design:

  • All-aluminum alloy precision carving for a lightweight and portable body.
  • Modern design, completely discarding the bulk of traditional models.

4. Open Operating System:

  • Upgraded system with a more open operating system and source code.
  • Facilitates intelligent product applications and provides space for unlimited instrument upgrades.

5. Intuitive User Interface:

  • 3.5-inch high-definition IPS capacitive touch screen for a vibrant display.
  • High resolution for more content on a single screen, realistic graphics, and a smoother user experience.
  • Thoughtful interface design enhances usability.

6. Quick and Convenient:

  • Quick on/off functionality for swift operations.
  • One-click testing for seamless measurements.
  • Large battery capacity allows for 24 hours of extended testing time.

Whether you're a professional researcher, scientist, or enthusiast, our Par Meter and Spectrometer redefine the standards of accuracy, convenience, and portability. Elevate your experiments and measurements with a device designed for the future of scientific exploration.

B. Function Description:


    • Measures Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density for optimal plant growth.
  • Spectral Distribution Map:

    • Provides a detailed map of the spectral distribution for comprehensive analysis.
  • Related Color Temperature Tc (K):

    • Offers color temperature information for accurate lighting assessment.
  • Illuminance E (lx):

    • Measures the level of illuminance in lux for well-lit environments.
  • Irradiance Ee (W/m²):

    • Determines irradiance for a complete understanding of light intensity.
  • Chromaticity Coordinates (x, y):

    • Presents chromaticity coordinates for precise color representation.
  • Relative Spectral Power Distribution P(λ):

    • Illustrates the relative distribution of spectral power.
  • Color Rendering Index Ra, Ri (i=1-15):

    • Evaluates color rendering accuracy across a spectrum of indices.
  • Color Rendering Index:

    • Measures the device's ability to reproduce colors accurately.
  • Chromaticity Coordinate Map:

    • Displays a map of chromaticity coordinates for comprehensive analysis.
  • Color Tolerance Map SDCM:

    • Illustrates color tolerance using Standard Deviation of Color Matching.
  • Main Wavelength, Peak Wavelength, Half Width:

    • Provides crucial information about the light spectrum.
  • Light to Dark Visual Ratio S/P:

    • Evaluates the visual experience by assessing light-to-dark ratios.
  • Color Purity, Red Ratio, Green Ratio, Blue Ratio:

    • Analyzes color components to ensure accurate representation.
  • Can Export Spectral Data per Nanometer:

    • Allows for detailed spectral data export for in-depth analysis.
  • More Functional Parameters Can Be Customized:

    • Tailor the device to specific requirements with customizable parameters.

C. Main Technical Indicators:

  • Model and Name:

    • M400 Spectral Color Illuminometer.
  • Wavelength Range:

    • 380nm~780nm for comprehensive spectral coverage.
  • Split Mode:

    • Long focal cross asymmetric CT split beam system.
  • Sensor:

    • High-precision CCD for accurate light sensing.
  • Spectral Bandwidth (FWHM):

    • 2nm for detailed spectral analysis.
  • Spectral Resolution:

    • 0.2nm for high-resolution data.
  • x, Y Coordinate Value x, y Accuracy:

    • ±0.0015 accuracy; ±0.0005 repeatability.
  • Wavelength Accuracy:

    • ±0.5nm for precise wavelength measurements.
  • Wavelength Data Output Interval:

    • 1nm; EXCEL can export data corresponding to each nanometer.
  • Illumination Accuracy Level:

    • Level 1 (±4% reading ±1 reading) for reliable results.
  • Color Rendering Accuracy:

    • ±1.5% for accurate color representation.
  • Photosensitive Surface:

    • Ф 10mm for efficient light capture.
  • Screen Type:

    • 3.5-inch high-definition IPS capacitive touch screen for intuitive operation.
  • Chromaticity Standard Accuracy:

    • ±0.0025, traceable to NIM for reliable color temperature assessments.
  • Color Temperature Range:

    • 1000K~100000K for versatile lighting conditions.
  • Stray Light:

    • ≤0.3% to minimize interference.
  • Illuminance Measurement Range:

    • 0.1Lux~2000Klux for diverse lighting environments.
  • Measurement Mode:

    • Single test/continuous test for flexibility in testing scenarios.

Par and Spectrometer: Shipping Now

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With or Without Extendable Wand

Just Par Meter (No Wand)