4 Bar, Clone / Veg / Mom Series, Mammoth Lighting Fold Series


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      If there is one truism that experienced Growers know in indoor Cannabis cultivation - it is Metal Halide (MH) for Veg, with a rich blue waveband..... and HPS for flower with a rich red waveband.   

      Why Does Cannabis Love Blue Light?
      It’s important to give your plants the blue light they need — especially in veg. With blue light — either from LED or MH lights — plants show robust lateral growth without extension. What’s more, plants grown with a spectrum that’s rich in blue have thicker, darker leaves than those grown without blue light, and that prepares them for a robust flowering period.

      But why does blue light matter in the vegetative phase? And why does the reddish HPS spectrum work better for flowering? The answer comes from the natural seasons. 

      During the peak of summer, when plants are in veg, there’s a lot of blue light. As fall rolls around and it becomes time for reproductive growth, the light has less blue light and more red. That’s because the blue light gets filtered out when the Earth tilts away from the sun and the light has to pass through more of the atmosphere. The atmosphere diffracts the blue, so there’s less for plants.


      1.  Plug and Play (fold) out of the box. 

      2.  Samsung LM301B diodes per bar delivers the industry's Highest PPFD and Yield. The #1 diode in Horticulture

      3. Removable bars + Driver for quick field and warranty service

      4. Remote mountable driver leaves more room in vertical settings and less heat in tents

      5. Future proof with replaceable bars and driver as technology advances.....  


      Product: LED grow lights 4 Bar

      Power: 430W, 1133 ppf

      Voltage: AC100-277V 50-60Hz

      LEDs: SAMSUNG LM301B 

      Spectrum: 5000k

      LED lifespan: 50000 Hours

      Dimension: 47 x 42 x 3”

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